Weekly Links 03/25-03/31: Shodan, VPN, Containers

We’re back after an extended vacation! I’ve been collecting links to share with everyone..

  • MotionEye is a way to manage multiple Raspberry Pi cameras. I’m looking forward to setting up a few in the near future.
  • It seems like having a VPN is a must nowadays. I’ve tested WireGuard and look forward to setting up a more production like deployment soon on a VPS. Came across this article on Reddit and was impressed with how thorough it was.
  • I’ve been working on Ansible playbooks to deploy my admin/jump/bastion hosts, might want to consider running some of the CLI apps in Docker containers.
  • I’ve been in a making/home automation kick lately and can’t get enough of these articles on Raspberry Pi project ideas.
  • RedHat had a pretty good “Container Basics” type post that was a good refresher.
  • I use virtualenvs for a lot of things. This run through of packaging python apps for Docker containers felt like a must read if you’re building python apps.
  • These OWASP cheatsheets look pretty interesting, I’ve only made it through a few and have found a lot of useful security tidbits.
  • Shodan is a tool to show open ports for an IP (at least in it’s simplest sense). I picked up a membership around the holidays and have only just started playing with it, there’s lots of interesting ways to use it! This project provides a way for you scan IPs via shodan (so they dont come directly from you). If for example you want to investigate those failed SSH attempts on your VPS.
  • On the note of Shodan, they just a new tool that creates a dashboard for you and monitors your IPs.

Next week I’m hoping to do a post on using Ansible Console to run ad-hoc commands on a bunch of servers at the same time.

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